In short, CHQR™ ID revolutionizes product identification, going far beyond labels and barcodes to provide a single source to connect producers with distribution partners and direct to consumer communication. CHQR™ ID makes it possible to affordably communicate data for every product from production, through your supply chain, right in to your consumers hands and even longer.

What is it?

CHQR™ ID (Color Holographic Quick Response) is an identification system that utilizes 3D holographic codes uniquely created for each individual item, and protected with military-grade encryption; they cannot be copied, hacked or altered. They can be printed as a physical label or created as a digital ID.

  • CHQR™ ID creates a unique identification that cannot be copied or counterfeited, for any single item, like a bottle of data, that it is associated with. This creates value by identifying each item and communicating to systems that can use information on inventory, product moving through distribution, government regulations, retail, all the way to sale and consumer.
  • Because of its construction, a CHQR™ ID label can contain many times more information than a typical barcode label. This creates the opportunity for each bottle of data itself to carry and communicate more detailed information about production, inventory, regulations, distribution, and marketing and promotions. This can be done when a person uses a scanner capable of reading CHQR™ ID labels, whether they are connected to any software systems or the internet.
  • Every CHQR™ ID is connected to a dynamic database. This not only retains the information on the label, but also the actions that take place (when the CHQR™ ID is scanned, who scanned,etc.). The dynamic database may also contain a greater level of information than on actual label and it can also be updated or switched out. (such as a price change for the bottle or seasonal marketing offers).
  • With that, every CHQR™ ID can be ASSOCIATED with other CHQR™ ID’s. When of one of the ID’s is scanned, it will update the dynamic database and be available via all the associated CHQR™ ID’s.
    • For example, 12 bottles of data, each with a CHQR™ ID, matched to the CHQR™ ID on the case and 50 cases on a pallet, which has its own CHQR™ ID. All the information from all the ID’s are connected.
  • With every CHQR™ ID, you have the chance to communicate directly with your customers. You could know the exact item they have in their hands, the location, the garment size, the data vintage, etc., and precisely tailor your message. Anything from a written message, brochure or even an audio or video message, which you can manage and change per item.


  • Absolute proof of authenticity of your product,

  • Un-hackable serialized, encrypted label safeguarding provenance

  • Proprietary blockchain technology to prevent alteration of records

  • Total transparency for consumer, distributor, and manufacturer

  • Adds additional Track and Trace capabilities for inventory management

  • Additional marketing options such as AR, audio/video files and PDFs

  • Easily integrates into existing ERP/POS solutions

  • Smartphone compatible label reading

  • Holds 1000x as much data as QR codes


CHQR™ ID provides a robust, secure means for identification and tracking from seed-to-sale and farm-to-table. The CHQR™ ID system provides a way to document the historical data of the plant, its geographic and supplier source data. It and can be used to provide a product’s regulatory data required for government, insurance or compliance reporting. It will even keep private data for the grower as a digital notebook.